Launch of new EFT for Performers Facebook site

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is an elegant self help tool and meridian energy therapy that I'm passionate about.

As far as performers are concerned EFT has many varied and exciting applications - think stage fright, performance anxiety, confidence issues, low self esteem.  All common problems that hamper performance, frustrate potential and ruin careers as well as lives. If you're interested in knowing more please visit my website for performers.

EFT is one of these basic life skills that actors, singers, musicians and other performing artists need to know about. However, it's uses extend far beyond this group. Because it's such a quick and effective way to deal with fear of public speaking EFT is also a good first aid tool for business executives, CEOs or just about anyone whose work involves public speaking or delivering a presentation.

If you have used EFT for these sorts of issues or you  want to connect with others who are in the same boat I now have a Facebook page - EFT for Performers. Networking is good on so many levels and it's always reassuring to know that you're never alone. Hope to see you sometime soon.

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