More about Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) for Performers

Throughout history musicians, singers, actors and other performers have always played an important role in society. From stand-up to Shakespeare, Bartok to ballet  there's something elusive about being at a live performance. We owe a lot to performers. They can make us laugh, cry, angry or sad.  They can inspire, fill us with awe, or deliver new insights into the nature of the human condition.

What many of us don't see, however, is the sheer slog, hard work, stress and suffering that is the world back-stage. To say nothing about the years of uncertainty, rejection, anonymity and financial hardship that comes with the type of lifestyle that most professional actors, singers, musicians and other performers have to grapple with.

With all this mind, from what I can see, no one would willingly put themselves through this. However, if it's what you do, then it's what you do. If you're a professional actor, singer, musician, dancer or other type of performer then before you even get onto the stage you may have problems with -
  • Confidence 
  • Low self esteem 
  • Self doubt
  • Line learning or getting to grips with a difficult score
  • Pre-audition anxiety
Standing in the wings waiting to go on stage, or the minutes before going on camera you may be plagued with lack of confidence or poor self esteem. However, for some even established performers, nothing feels quite as overwhelming as stage fright. (It is well known that the composer and conductor  Benjamen Britten had significant problems with stage fright all his professional life.)

However, it doesn't stop there. On stage, due to a complex mix of high intensity anxiety and other factors, some performers have issues with -
  • Negative distracting thoughts
  • The mind going blank affecting their ability to remember their lines or the music
  • Bow control if they are a  string player
  • Breath control if they are a singer or a wind player
After a performance other  issues may present themselves such as -
  • Coming out of a challenging role 
  • Pain and/or fatigue
  • Coping with rejection or negative reviews
  • Low mood and anxiety

Without doubt, for those who earn a living by performing, the adverse impact on emotional well being has to be considerable. That's where the simple self-help mindfulness tool Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) can help. It works by combining focused psychology with tapping on meridian energy points. EFT can be used in a variety of settings. It is particularly effective as a fire-fighting first aid measure eg in reducing the disabling effects of stage fright. However, for more lasting results, it is better  to work on underlying root causes with a practitioner. 

I've witnessed first hand the transformative effects and benefits of EFT. That's maybe why I'm such a passionate advocate. For me the beauty of the art lies in it's elegant simplicity. I've written extensively about the subject of EFT. If  you need to know more click on my previous blog EFT:the basics.

In the spirit of making the world a happier place and as a lover of the arts I have now set up a separate website for actors, musicians and singers. If you're a performing artist and you feel that EFT is  just what you're looking for and you would like to discuss things further get in touch with me on the contact form.

I look forward to being of service. 

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