Celebrate world mental health day

It never ceases to sadden me how mental health issues still have a social stigma attached to them; ironic as most physical health problems probably have a psychological root cause.

I for one welcome any attempts to bring mental health issues out of the dark ages and into a more enlightened world. That's why I'm glad to see anything that raises awareness about the issues. October 10th is world mental health day and is a genuine attempt to raise such awareness.

Activities will be taking place all over the world and, on Saturday 11th October, if you live in the north east of England, Grey's monument in Newcastle is the place to be. There will be acts and performers, local and national groups and information about the health and well being collection and the books on prescription scheme.

The cost of treating mental health problems in England is estimated to be a staggering 14 billion/year. Research has suggested that regular reading is associated with -

  • reduction in the risk of dementia
  • reduction in stress levels

Also, taking part in a social  reading activity, like reading groups, can help people feel less isolated. It also helps to develop concentration and mental agility.

Reading groups are springing up all over the place and Newcastle libraries are running events from 1st October.

Wherever you live look out for reading related activities.

Enjoy a good read and you will notice the benefits.

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