Happy First Birthday Danuta's Helping Hands

Happy first birthday to Danuta's Helping Hands - a health and fitness blog for the new older woman who exudes a passion for life and embraces abundance with gratitude.

I can hardly believe that a year has gone by since writing my first article. Thank you for the many kind and complimentary comments. I feel privileged to have been of service to you all.

In both my professional and private life a lot has changed. There are many ripples in the water. However, mother nature has always been good to me  and,  as the waters ebb and flow,  I continue to learn and grow in a positive way; which  I hope is reflected in my writing.

Despite the many changes I remain passionate about health, fitness and helping others. The health arena is a vibrant area, with huge scope for discussion and new ideas. I'm learning a lot along the way and I hope that my insights will continue to interest and  add value to your life in some way.

Thanks to all my loyal readers around the world. It feels truly magical to be able to connect with women all over the planet. To each and every one of you who follow me thanks for being part of my journey. I hope we can stay in touch for another year. Bye for now.

Hand in water - Danuta's Helping Hands a health & fitness blog for the older woman

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