World Book Day

March 6th has been designated as World Book Day. What a great thing to promote.

Reading does different things to different people. However, one thing we do know is that recreational reading is a good stress reliever. It diverts your focus and creates an alternative reality; a space where you can journey and rest. Maybe even gain a sense of fulfilment. New insights. For me, there's also something  important about tapping into and supporting the creative energy of the writer; that said  if nothing else  reading should also be about enjoyment. Whatever reading does for you enjoy the journey of discovery.

Next month, here in the North East of England,  we are fortunate to be hosting the Hexham Book Festival; with many top names gathering in this historic market town to both delight and provoke. However, for those in the UK who  can't get to Hexham, there are literary festivals all over the place. At some point in the year there's bound to be one somewhere near you; often in gorgeous sought after or interesting locations. One of these days I'm going to create "the year of the literary festival" and build a short holiday round each one.

Talking about literary activities what about your local library? Here in Newcastle upon Tyne, in the stunning new city library,  there's always something going on. From lectures,  workshops, to book groups you need never feel alone when reading. For those of you in Newcastle you may be interested to know that, on Friday the 14th March, the city library has a book sale. I'm a bit "old school" and   still like a book to hold when reading, so I'll be going.  If you're reading this in other parts of the world similiar events will be happening. So do check it out. I guarentee that you won't be disappointed.

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