The great health debate goes on

When it's cold outside and our health is maybe a bit below par what we need is warm nourishing food for the soul. If that sounds good to you then look no further as there's a wealth of nourishment here in the last day of the IPE Nutrition  conference; which is still available for a limited time only.

Topics include -

Women, nutrition and breast health
Insights into functional medicine and gluten sensitivity
The elegance of mind body spirit
A holistic understanding of digestion and health
Innovative and hot topics on nutrition (a personal favourite)

Over the next few days  I for one will be diving in and doing some catching up. Can't wait. Join in and you won't be disappointed.

For me the conference has been both informative and empowering; with both  new ideas and some familiar concepts coming from another angle. I've discovered Pierre Dukan's concept of the 10 pillars of happiness and gained more insights into the effects of psychology and  inter-personal  relationships on metabolism and health. However, for me, the most fascinating insights came from Dr Jacob Liberman and Sayer Ji the founder of Green Med Info who gave us some profound words of wisdom about their vision for the future, nourishment and a well lived life.

I feel privileged to have been a part of  the conference and look forward to so much more in the future. Hope you find something in there for you. Do let me know what you think.

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