The good health debate

We're currently on Day 4 of  the on-line IPE conference on nutrition and wow is it powerful! Inspirational even. If you're at all interested in the good health debate and how to live a longer and happier life then this conference is for you.

For me the common themes so far have been centred around  this idea of food as medicine, set within the context of a holistic approach which incorporates mind, body and spirit.  We've heard a lot about the crucial influence of personal psychology on metabolism. However, beyond that, the debate has broadened out to include the influence of politics and the environment on our food choices, which  ultimately affects our health.

For some time now scientist have known about the association between obesity, physical inactivity and the development of diabetes. Here in the UK health issues continue to be front page news and only today a leading UK newspaper ran a story about obesity and the environment, which was based on a paper produced by the RIBA - an association of British architects. What an interesting development to have architects commenting on public health concerns.

I for one am relieved that the great health debate has been re-ignited. Conditions such as obesity, type 2 Diabetes and Alzheimer's are major public health concerns. The tragedy is that in the main these life threatening conditions that destroy the quality of our lives are almost entirely preventable. If you care about your health  I urge you to dip into the IPE  free conference. Yesterday's talks will be available for 24 hours and include topics such as -
  • Wisdom meets modern clinical nutrition (a personal favourite)
  • Insights into supplements, nutrition and health
  • A passion for organic healthy eating is easier than you think
  • Autism nutrition and hope
Today's talks include topics on -
  • Food choices, sustainability and a plant based approach
  • Words of wisdom on vision, nourishment and a well lived life
As a health care professional I'm passionate  about spreading the  good health message and I'll continue to write about how we can all live a happier and healthier life. So watch this space.

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