Performance and EFT

This week-end I attended a delightful concert of early music performed by The York Waits at the Sage Gateshead.

This accomplished band of professional musicians have been exploring renaissance and early music for over 20 years and have produced some fine CDs, which were selling like hot cakes on the night.  With their masterful playing of such period instruments as the shwam, sackbut and hurdy girdy, they most definitely captured the spirit of the age. The authenticity of the performance was further enhanced by period costume, song and verse.

Singing with the band  was Deborah Catterall, an accomplished singer in her own right, with impressive early music credentials. It was interesting  to learn that Deborah has a passionate interest in alternative therapies. She is a reiki master and includes energy work in her musical life and teaching. Music to my ears! (Excuse the pun!)

I too am fascinated by energy work and specifically  Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). You can read what I've written  about this by clicking here. I'm particularly interested in EFT and it's application to performance. I personally think that EFT can be a helpful tool  for any  singer or other performing artist who has issues with performance related anxiety. (I shall be writing in more detail about this soon  - watch this space.)

On the subject of EFT I can now confirm that I have been approved by AAMET, the governing body for EFT. If you are a performer, teacher or you would just like to know more about EFT and it's application to enabling the achievement of full potential do drop me a line at either this address or [email protected] - my new website for singers, musicians, actors & other performers to help them overcome stage fright & performance anxiety.

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  1. Congrats on your qualification and accreditation with the AAMET, Danuta!