EFT - studies to show that it works

Like thousands of others around the world I use Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) in my daily life and find it a really effective self help tool. 

Up until recently I was under the impression that EFT  largely relied on anecdotal evidence to support it's effectiveness.  However, I have since discovered that EFT has been researched in more than 10 countries by over 60 researchers and the results published in 20 different peer review journals. Common to all the studies is the supporting evidence for the efficacy of EFT in dealing with a variety of physical and psychological issues. The effectiveness of EFT is also supported by the American Journal of Psychotherapy and the American Psychological Association.

Last month a review was  published in the journal Psychology, which examined the effectiveness of EFT in a group of students and  demonstrated that EFT tapping was more effective than other approaches in dealing with psychological issues. The tapping process also made the participants feel more positive and happier about themselves. (Something we could all do with.) Other studies have also demonstrated that EFT is effective in treating phobias, post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression, pain and performance/sport's  related problems.

Such revelations. Why is this not front page news? Everyone should know about it. If we were talking new wonder drug then this would be a different matter! Something tells me though that it's all down to the power of multi-million drug companies, money, politics and influence.

So, now you know, go ahead and empower yourself. Make EFT a part of your life. At this time of year, apart from anything else,  we all need help with managing our stress levels. Click here for a free video demonstration of the simple EFT tapping technique. Also, for a quick easy to follow guide I have selected some booklets for you in my shop.

Don't delay. Make some space in your life for EFT. It's a quick and  easy  self help tool that anyone can use. Give it a try and  you won't regret it.

Happy tapping!

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