Apple detox

There's a lot out there at the moment about fasting for weight loss and health. The health and fitness guru Leslie Kenton  recommends fasting for health, as does Dr David Perlmutter, who also writes extensively about the benefits of a gluten free diet.

For centuries fasting has been associated with religious and spiritual practices. More recently, it seems to have been popularised by the followers of the  Paleo-diet.

I personally would not recommend fasting for weight loss, as  it cannot be sustained over a long period and deprives the body of regular sustenance. However, short intermittent periods of fasting is  a good way to detoxify the body.

I know that I've previously  been a bit reticent, however, earlier this week, I had a go at the apple detox  as  recommended by Leslie Kenton. The detox is a day/week-end of fasting, when only apples are eaten. I have to say that I did modify it a bit. The plan is for a 2 day fast. However, as I was new to the idea,  I just did it for a day. The other modification was that, as I was going to the gym, I actually started the day with a protein bar. However, for the remainder of the day, I ate only apples when hungry and drank either hot water with root ginger and lemon, or, home-made apple and ginger juice. Then, in the evening I had a comforting bowl of warmed apple puree with cinnamon. Again, as I was hungry and I'd run out of apples,  I modified it a bit and  sprinkled a few cherries in. (Before you start make sure you have enough apples in. You can eat as many as you like!)

By the end of the day the effects were already noticeable. I felt calm, more grounded and hunger was not a particular issue; which was interesting as I usually have a great appetite and can eat for England!  I also had the best night's sleep.

I can't explain why but the fast has left me with  an even keener appreciation of and respect for food. Another really surprising thing was that about 48 hours later my energy levels soared upwards and this was sustained, helping me get right through the busy Xmas period.

Having had a go at the apple fast I'm actually looking forward to giving it another go. Only next time I'll do without the protein bar at the start of the day and make sure that I have enough apples in - particularly for the evening. Might choose a day between Xmas and New Year when a detox may the order of the day!

Apples are a glorious gift from nature and are packed with so much that we need in life to keep us well. The apple detox comes recommended; only choose a day/week-end when you can relax and chill-out. It's not for a work day, or for  those who are pregnant, breast feeding, or who have  heart or kidney problems. Also, discuss with your GP if you  have Diabetes, or if you're unsure whether it's safe for you.

Give it a go and enjoy!

Finally, may I take this opportunity to wish all my readers around the world peace, success, good health and happiness. I'll be taking a break for a few days but will return early in the New Year.

Thanks for being part of my world. Best wishes - Danuta

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