World Toilet Day!

Today is World Toilet Day. Not a fashionable title I know but World Toilet Day is an excellent opportunity to raise awareness about development issues. As unbelievable as it sounds some 2.5 billion people worldwide do not have anywhere safe to go to the toilet.

With clean drinking water and proper sanitation  life expectancy increases and children grow up healthier and stronger. They also have more time to go to school and this enables them to raise themselves out of poverty.

The UK government has actually shown a lot of leadership in the area of international development. There are also a number of NGOs and charities working to improve access to clean water and sanitation in the developing world. One such charity is Wateraid -  a really active charity who have been campaigning on these issues for many years now. They currently have a petition urging the UK secretary of state to attend an important meeting in April. If you care about these issues and want to get active Wateraid have got lots of ways that you can do this and feel effective. Do dip in and have a look. There's also an on line shop, where you can purchase gift vouchers that pay for really basic things like a water well or a village latrine. Great ideas for something different at Xmas. I urge you to support them.

With all the western governments working together hopefully by 2015  some 60 million people will have access to safe and clean drinking water and a toilet - things that we all take for granted. Goals that will take us some way towards  achieving  a world without poverty!

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