Halloween foods - great for health

As autumn progresses and the nights draw in there's a certain sense of regret about the loss of summer and the inevitability about the forthcoming winter. However, autumn is a glorious month and as ever mother nature is ready to come to our rescue with a colourful and delicious rich array of seasonal food to delight us along the way. There's pheasant, venison, cabbage, kale, potato, pumpkin,  root and cruciferous vegetables, figs, apples and nuts....

Halloween foods are of the earth, seasonal and are steeped in myth and history. Born out of pagan traditions the trick or treat that is now practised in the USA has it's roots in Irish history and the pagan celebration of Samhain. So, if you're making fadge, colcannon, baking apple stuffed with nuts and dates,  or hollowing out a pumpkin to make a lantern you are carrying out age old traditions that dates back to pagan times or even earlier.

Halloween - associated with the passing of the dead souls into another world - is symbolic of the end of one season into the next and marks the passing of natural life from the previous year. Foods have been associated with rituals for the dead since Roman and Egyptian times and celtic folklore is full of myths and legends surrounding the leaving out of food for the wondering dead or fairies.

However, you spend your Halloween I know that I'll  be thinking  food and ways to delight the family. This is a wonderful time of year with a bountiful array of seasonal foods that are packed with colour, fibre, vitamins and minerals. However, it's not just about being great for health, autumnal foods are deeply satisfying and are the ultimate in comfort eating. Think hearty soups, stews, root veg bakes with rosemary and bay leaves, hand made veg crisps, red cabbage and venison. To my mind autumnal foods  help us connect with the earth in a way that no other seasonal food does. So make the most of this amazing culinary journey. Enjoy!

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