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Moving through life with joy and ease with Nia and Ageless Grace.

I recently attended a mind, body and spirit event in the north east of England and came across a couple of really interesting exercise systems that I'm definitely going to find out more about.

Nia - a blend of dance and martial arts - is a fun, low impact cardio-vascular work out. With easy to follow moves, which are performed to inspiring music from around the world, the body is re-energised whilst you dance like nobody's watching!

Ageless Grace - is an easy to follow exercise system which can be performed seated. The exercise works the core and stimulates 5 areas of the brain to improve joint mobility, spinal flexibility, cognitive function and balance.

So, if you're looking for a different type of exercise then one or either of these systems may be for you.

For further details go to

I shall be giving both of these exercise systems a try  and reviewing how I found it all in a future blog. So, watch this space.

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