Lets talk about TED

From a professional perspective women and health has always been of keen interest. Last week the eminent epidomiologist, Professor Dame Valerie Beral - the author of the million woman breast cancer study - gave a guest lecture  at Imperial College London  about how woman can keep themselves healthy. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend. This has happened to me a lot. Over the week-end I thought to myself wouldn't it be great if there was an on line forum where it would be possible to connect with some of the world's leading movers and shakers and hear what they have to say about any given subject.Well, the good news is that - thanks to the marvels of the internet -  there is such a platform and it's called TED.

Founded in 1984, with the strap line "riveting talks by remarkable people"  TED is a free on line global platform for  the promotion of "ideas worth spreading".Owned by the non profit Sapling Foundation TED is a real power house of ideas and is packed with short u-tube talks, fresh thinking and remarkable people saying and doing amazing things. From slavery to the rise of the super rich the issues covered are diverse and can be inspirational. One of the most viewed talks recently has been about the role of stress in our lives.

Click here to have a look and see if there's anything inspirational there for you.

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