Eat seasonably

I 'm passionate about food. Of course we all need to eat to stay alive. However, for me food is both medicine and life and over the coming months I'll be writing more about the medicinal properties of various foods. However, what you put on your plate is more than nutrition and sustenance - as vital to life as all of that is. It's also about colour, joy and being in tune with the seasons

When cooking I like to experiment with flavours, textures and new ingredients. However, above all else I now try to eat what's in season. Quite honestly,  for authentic flavour it's the only way to go. It's also more ecologically sustainable. I recently did a blog about the medicinal properties of  cherries. However, here in the UK we're moving into the cooler darker months, when berries and the leafy green veg like Kale are starting to appear in the shops.

Blueberries (mainly from Poland) are now in season. Plump and delicious Blueberries are also rich in anti-oxidants and have pain relieving properties. When eating Blueberries I tip a handful into an orange bowl and think about the woodland that they came from. Bliss! Who needs chocolate. Try it.

I recently came across a really useful website that keeps you abreast of  all things fruit and veg. Packed with tips, recipes and glorious pics this is foodie heaven and a must for anyone wanting to eat seasonally.

Click here to have a look  -

Love life and enjoy!

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