Culinary herb of the month - parsley

Here in the UK autumn is closing in. However, many gardens still have some usable parsley left to pick.

Parsley is a simple yet highly nutritious edible herb and there's so much more to it than a garnish.. Rich  in iron, vitamin C and  anti-oxidants, Parsley is also thought to have anti-cancer properties. Because of it's versatility, and the fact that it works well in a host of dishes from omelettes to soups, sauces and even juices, you should have no problems packing it into your daily diet. Parsley adds flavour, texture and colour. There are many varieties and, even if you don't have a garden, it's easy to grow from seed in a grow bag or box. Give it a go next spring.

Whenever possible go for locally grown organic produce -  easy if home grown. Alternatively, if you can get to a local farm shop, farmer's market or world food shop you're more likely be able to get quality produce at a better price than that which is available at the supermarket.

So, love what you eat and go for parsley to enhance your health.

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