Bach Flower Remedies

I've been doing a lot of research around the subject of mental health and recently read a delightful article about  Bach Flower Remedies and their application to managing stress and other mental health problems. It made fascinating reading and I felt that I wanted to share some of it's magic with you.

Bach Flower Remedies were developed in the early 20th century by  Doctor Edward Bach, an English Doctor who had experience in both conventional medicine and homeopathy. His life makes a very interesting read and the centre where he worked in Oxfordshire continues to be  a wonderful haven of therapeutic activity. Click here to learn more

After his successful work with vaccines Dr Bach developed the 38 flower remedies and started treating patients. No one is quite sure how the remedies works. However,  it is thought that each flower has a vibrational quality that  emits energy which is at the heart of it's  healing potential. Essentially Bach Flower Remedies do not treat conditions as such but rather each flower specifically addresses certain emotions and, over time, brings about change and healing. There is only one combined remedy - Rescue Remedy - that works as a first aid measure and it's effects are more instant.

Up until the 1970s there was little supporting  evidence to back any therapeutic efficacy. However, this is slowly changing. More recently some studies have demonstrated benefits in the areas of combining the flower remedies with more conventional medications when treating mild depression/anxiety. Some successes have also been demonstrated in  midwifery and palliative care. Also, the evidence suggests that any benefits are not just Placebo effects.

Two methods are used to make the remedies. Most of the delicate flowers are prepared using the sun method. This involves floating the flower heads in pure water for 3 hours in direct sunlight. For woodier plants the flowers are boiled in pure water. In both cases the energy is then transferred to the water. This energised water is then mixed with alcohol to stabilse it and then further diluted with brandy to make the final mother tincture, which is sold as a stock bottle.

Over a period of 70 years many thousands of people have used the remedies and interest about the healing power of plants continues. Due to the huge demand for Bach Flower Remedies  the Bach Centre has since handed over the bottling and distribution of the products to Nelson's; a small family firm  who adhere to the principles first established by Dr Bach and often use the flowers grown at or close to the centre in Oxfordshire.

In the UK the remedies can be purchased over the counter at health food shops and most larger chemists. Or if you wish to purchase on line click here. However, if you are interested in seeking out a qualified therapist,or, if you would like to undertake some training in this fascinating  subject click here.

I'll leave the final words with Dr Edward Bach who had this to say about the flower remedies that he had created -

"People like ourselves who have tasted the glory of self sacrifice, the glory of helping others, the glory of helping our brothers, once we have been given a jewel of such magnitude, nothing can deviate us from the path of love and duty to displaying it's lustre, pure and unadorned,  to the people of the world"

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