Meditate to find yourself

Have you  come to a point in your life when you're needing inspiration or guidance about the way forward?  Or maybe you  feel stuck and frustrated by asking the same questions and going round and round in circles with no progress being made. If any of this applies to you then  that's a sign that you are not fully aligned with the universe. By becoming  the person you need to be you will achieve  alignment and be open to the forces of evolution.   Back in the 1960s there was a culture of running off to India and other exotic locations to "find yourself". Whereas it's true that certain places on the planet do have special healing or spiritual properties, essentially it's about what's going on inside you that counts.

So, if  you are desperate for change and to need to find renewed life and strength to carry you forward to a new beginning, then get centered,  tune in with yourself  and meditate for answers. The universe is ready and waiting for you out there but you have to do your bit. It's all there for the taking and you will be given the strength to cope with the  consequences of transformation if you're properly aligned with intention.

Deepak Chopra has written extensively about this subject and in his  Book of Secrets he talks about the emergent spiritual properties that are required for change -
  • Clarity of awareness
  • Knowingness
  • Reverence for life
  • Absence of violence
  • Fearlessness
  • Non attachment
  • Wholeness
He also refers to the 10 principles that help us to align with the universe and how they apply to every day life. So, if you're serious about change,  then commit to regular meditation. You don't need to leave everything behind and live on an ashram in India. No teacher or expensive training, specialist equipment or music is required. Just you and some ring fenced time in a quiet room will do. What matters is the intent and level of commitment. For each meditation session you might want to choose one of the 10 principles to reflect on.
  • The events in my life reflect who I am
  • The people in my life reflect who I am
  • Whatever I pay attention to will grow. Ask "what do I want to grow in my life?"
  • Nothing in life is random - my life is full of signs and symbols
  • At any given moment the universe is giving me the best results possible
  • My inner awareness is always evolving
  • The direction of life is from duality to unity - to feel that "I am" is enough and to be as one with the planet
  • If I open myself to the force of evolution it will carry me to where I want to go - today I will rededicate myself to inner awareness
  • The fragmented mind can not get me to unity but has to be used along the way - today I will find inner peace
  • I am living in many dimensions at once - the appearance of being trapped in time and space is an illusion

So dare to dream,  trust in the spirit of the universe and live the life you want!

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