Aromatherapy oil of the season - orange (citrus aurantium)

Orange is the colour of sunshine and light. The colours of  summer.  The essential oil of orange reminds me of this. It's my favourite oil and I want to share some of it's magic with you.

The essential  oil is produced by the cells within the orange  rind and is  extracted as a by-product of orange juice production. After undergoing a process known as centrifugation  a cold pressed oil is produced.  The results are like  like zest in a bottle; fresh and alive. It  can be used in your beauty routine and around your home.

As with all aromatherapy essential oils it works on a number of levels. At the sensory level it stimulates the olfactory system and imparts a glorious aroma that is both uplifting, refreshing  and reassuring. It  has many uses. The essential oil can be used neat or diluted with water on an aroma-stone to refresh a room. It can be combined with orange water to make a cleanser and toner, or facial spritzer. (1 drop of essential oil to every 50 ml of orange water is probably about right.)  Great when the weather is hot. However, because it is a mild irritant, it can not be used directly onto skin and should never be taken internally.  Because of it's high limonene content (which is the substance that gives all citrus fruits their characteristic aroma) it has many applications as a cleaning agent and is safe to use in the kitchen as an insect repellent.

The oil is relatively inexpensive and can often be purchased in high street chemists. If you want a little sunshine in a bottle this is what you need. If you wish to order on line, click here.

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