Emotional freedom technique - a routine for every day life

Like a puppy EFT is not just for Christmas. To really reap the benefits try to incorporate it into your every day life. Now that's a lot easier than it sounds. It just needs focus and commitment.

Look at different types of routines that can be done daily, quarterly and yearly.

For me a 2 minute daily routine can be done whilst taking a shower in the morning.  You can tap on immediate  issues like  feeling tired or distracted. Or you might have anxiety about aspects of the forth coming day eg an interview, meeting or an exam.

Every quarter you might want to set aside some time to list your top 10 issues  that have been building up over the last 3 months and  work at tapping on these to limit their intensity.

Once a year you might want to try a big spring clean! Start by listing your top 50 issues of all time  that hold a negative charge that you can't seem to shake off.  Start by listing the most recent issues first and then work back through time. Takes some doing. However,  once you've started the tapping process the benefits are surprising and well worth the effort.

Happy Days!

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