Welcome to Danuta's helping hands

Welcome to Danuta's helping hands. So glad that you found your way here.  Over the next few months I'll be writing articles about issues that I've grapelled with myself  and that I know a lot of people need help with.

Topics will include -
About me -

I am a registered nurse/midwife with certificates in counselling, life coaching and emotional freedom technique. I’ve used herbs and aromatherapy for years helping out friends and family. I also like working with colour and music and have a passion for cooking.  For various reasons over the years I’ve had to adapt to different dietary restrictions and enjoy finding new ways of maximising nutrition.  Using culinary herbs and seaweeds I experiment with cooking styles and authentic flavours and enjoy visiting different parts of the world through their cuisine, art and music.

Writing and helping others are my other twin passions.  I hope that all of this comes together in the blog and that you find something that’s just for you.